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Ports America / PNCT Phase 2

Port Newark, NJ, NJ

KCC's PNCT Phase 2 Expansion Development


KCC was awarded the contract for the Phase 2 Expansion Development as part of PCNT's $500M modernization and redevelopment program that is expected to double the container terminal's capacity. Because almost all the work is located inside the operating terminal, the construction of this complex undertaking required numerous construction phases and stages. Throughout the entire project everything was closely coordinated and planned with PNCT's operations staff to ensure the uninterrupted flow of trucks and containers across the 60-Acre work area. 


Project Highlights


  • In order to provide future flood protection, a large portion of the site was filled and raised roughly 5 feet, which also required the construction of 3,600 LF of a new reinforced concrete perimeter retaining wall. 
  • Throughout phase 2 over 50 acres of Milling and Paving was self-performed by KCC crews, including 160,000 Tons of Aggregate Base Course and 140,000 Tons of Port Authority approved Hot-Mix Asphalt.
  • Demolition of the old entrance and exit gate structures, buildings and infrastructure after the completion of the new gates and new buildings. 
  • The KCC crew installed a new Customs and Border Protection Booth, along with its entrance stairs, reinforced concrete foundation, plumbing, water, power and communications. 
  • Construction of two Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings and associated reinforced concrete foundations: a 3,200 SF, 3-Lane OCR Building, and a 6-lane, 12,500 SF Roadability Structure.
  • An extensive amount of thermoplastic pavement markings where installed. 
  • Traffic control and staging of the work included temporary pavement, temporary fencing, temporary pavement markings, and over 10,000 LF of temporary and permanent precast concrete barrier curb. 
  • Extensive Power and Communications System Improvements, including: over 150,000 LF of underground conduits in concrete encased duct banks, 200 precast concrete electrical and communications manholes and handholes, and the installation of the new 13.2 KV, 480 V and 120V feeders, cables and panelboards, and new fiber optic communications cables. 
  • Construction and testing of 2,200 LF of new Water Mains and 15 new Fire Hydrants 
  • Performance of all QA/QC Testing and Special Inspections and compliance with Port Authority requirements were met by the KCC team. 

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